Q. How do I add people outside of ASU to manage my datasets?


With our current authentication process, only asu.edu emails can create an account. Anyone from outside the university can view and access published dataverses, they just cannot directly submit/deposit or manage the metadata. If you have members of your project outside of ASU you can have them submit their datasets and documentation to a secure sharing space like Google Drive or Dropbox and then upload the files on their behalf.

If more direct interaction is desired, ASU sponsors can request collaborators get an “affiliate ID” (ASURITE) to access ASU systems. The ID expires after one year and has to be renewed by the ASU sponsor at that time. To sponsor and request an ASU ID for your collaborators, fill out the ASU Courtesy Affiliate Request - Add or Renew form

Additional workarounds for research teams may include using the Dataverse API, research notebooks like LabArchives, or the OSF as a collaboration platform and connecting the OSF to Dataverse (which uses an API token).

For information on adding co-owners see our FAQ entry on adding users or co-owners to my datasets.


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