Q. How do I add users or co-owners to my datasets?


We are using ASU single sign-on as the only method for signing in and users add their own accounts. Library admins cannot add them before they sign in for the first time; and users have read-only when they are initially added. Dataverse admins or the owner of the dataverse has to give them permission. If you do not have permission to add people please contact the library and notify us which user you need added after they have signed into Dataverse for the first time.

Basically, accounts are created at the time of first sign in, and once they have done that you can then add them to the account. You can set a variety of permission levels and even assign them by groups.

If you only want to list someone as an author, but not grant permissions to manage your datasets, you can add their name in the metadata author fields and there is no need for them to sign into Dataverse.

In a nutshell: You invite contributors, by giving them the Dataverse link and they sign in to create an account and you then grant access. You nor the admins can create accounts for them before they sign in.

See Roles and Permissions in the full Dataverse Users Guide

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