Q. Can ASU students submit their research data to the ASU Research Data Repository?


The ASU Research Data Repository only accepts datasets submitted by ASU faculty, academic professionals, or university staff. If your request is related to a grant-funded project on behalf of a principal investigator, please have your PI contact us for a consultation to clarify the project's needs.

We recommend using the OSF for student-created projects to store and share their work or if you need to publish it immediately. The OSF (Open Science Framework) is a free scholarly web tool with a partnership with ASU to manage various projects. Use your ASURITE to create an OSF account and request an OSF DOI when you publish your datasets. You can view public ASU projects at osf.asu.edu. The page takes a few seconds to load the projects.

Note there is a limit of 50GB of data storage for published projects and 5GB for private, unpublished projects.