Q. How do I get the Mendeley Cite plugin for Microsoft Word?


You can insert references and bibliographies into your document using Mendeley's citation add-in for Microsoft Word.

If you are having issues with the Mendeley plugin in Microsoft Word, please try the following things:

1. If you are an ASU student, login to your Microsoft account with asurite@sundevils.asu.edu OR if you are an ASU employee login to your Microsoft account asurite@asurite.asu.edu (employees) (replace asurite with your personal asurite id.)

2. Go to "Apps & Devices" and Install Office (If you already have Office installed, go to step #3)

3. Open Microsoft Word

4. Look for Mendeley Cite in Microsoft's Add-In Store under Admin Managed. You can find the store by going to the “Insert” menu of Word and selecting the downward arrow next to Add-Ins. From the Add-Ins menu, select the Get Add-ins link and search for Mendeley Cite. click the Add button to install the Add-In. After the Mendeley Cite Add-in has been installed, it can be accessed by clicking the Mendeley Cite icon on the Home menu.

3. If you are having issues, please contact the ASU Tech Studio at 1-855-278-5080 or (480) 965-2843

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