Q. What is the maximum file size I can upload to ASU Dataverse?


Please review the following limitations for large file size upload to ASU Dataverse:

Single file upload:

  • The maximum file size limit for individual file upload is 3GB. The experience for each user may vary based on the stability of the internet connection, speed of connection, file complexity, file format, and type;

  • For tabular data files, additional processing by Dataverse means that more time is required to upload and this may result in upload failures depending on the file size, the number of columns, cases or rows, in your file. We recommend you upload files less than 500MB in size that requires this feature (see Full Dataverse User Guide);

Multiple file upload:

Dataverse accepts .zip or .tar file bundles. Automatically Dataverse will unpack your single .zip package file and present individual files contained within to users without any hierarchy or organization maintained. Alternatively, .tar files or double zipped files can be uploaded directly to Dataverse and will preserve your original file organization. Given the additional processing required for .zip files, we recommend you upload zip files that contain less than 500 files (see Advanced Dataverse User Guide);

  • If you have many separate data files and/or metadata that you would like to upload to create or populate a Dataset or Dataverse, consider using the SWORD API (see Advanced Dataverse User Guide), which can support batch upload of files (same size limits as described above).

It is recommended that file size be factored in when considering data reuse. Larger files can be more difficult for researchers to handle and work with. Preparing and structuring your data for reuse requires careful consideration of potential use cases, the software required for analysis, the computer system, and file disk space. Dataverse is always developing to support more disciplines and data types, we anticipate that in the future larger datasets will be better supported and managed in Dataverse.

If you have questions about file size limits, please contact Researcher Support.


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