Q. What's the process for students to check out and return a laptop or hotspot?


Updated May 29, 2020

If you are a student who was previously using ASU computer labs, or are a student who does not have a computer or internet access at this time, you may request a laptop or wifi hot spot to be shipped to you at your home. 

 Checking Out Laptop and/or Hotspot:

1. Go to lib.asu.edu/laptops-and-hotspots

2. Read all of the information given regarding eligibility, shipping, returning. Then, click on the “Request a laptop or hotspot” button.

3. Log in with your ASURITE ID and password.  

4.  You will then see a form prompting you to fill out the following:

  • Identify if you used to use ASU computing resources and now have no access to a computer and/or If you do not have access to the internet

  • Your name

  • Your Email

  • Your Phone number

  • Your full Mailing address:  Please note a complete mailing address is imperative.  Please include all elements, including your apartment number if applicable.  Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to PO boxes or internationally

  • Phone number for contacting you about delivery (if needed)

  • Acknowledge you agree to abide by ASU's honor code and hit submit.

5.  Hit submit.  Please note that due to high volume/demand, it may take a while for your request to process.  Please do not hit the back button while your request is processing.

6.  You will then see a confirmation message AND receive a confirmation email which will include information about shipping to you and the return shipping process.


If there were any problems with your request, you will receive information about that on the screen after the request processes, with recommendations of what to do if you need further assistance.  

Please note that once we receive your request, it will take up to 3-7 days for the item to arrive at your home.  If you have any technical problems with the laptop or hotspot after you receive them, please contact the UTO Experience Center.  '

Note:  On May 1, all students enrolled in summer or fall class sessions will have their loans for laptop and/or hotspot extended to August 14.  Students who are not enrolled in summer or fall must return borrowed technology by May 15.  


Returning Laptops and Hotspots:

By shipping:  Follow this link and go to the section to return laptops and/or hotspots.  There is a link to create a Return Label formThe form allows you to request a Return Shipping Label and / or packing material shipped to your current physical address.

In person:  Students may also return laptops and hotspots in person at Hayden Library on the Tempe campus, starting Monday May 18.  To return, please go to the ground level south entrance of Hayden Library (across from the Memorial Union), from 10am-Noon, Monday-Friday; 6:00-7:30pm Tuesday.