Q. Can I still request an Interlibrary Loan if I don't have all of the information about the item?


If you can’t supply the minimum citation information in the ILLiad request form, please contact Ask a Librarian for help.

If it is not possible to fill the required fields:

  • Use a "?" or "n/a" as necessary and use the notes field to include any additional information you have.
  • Note: Requests missing a lot of citation information are unlikely to be able to be filled.


Tips for getting faster service

  • Search the Library One Search for local holdings by:
  • Provide ISSN/ISBN number or OCLC number
    • If multiple ISSN/ISBN numbers are available, use only one in the ISSN/ISBN form field and place the others in the notes field.
    • If provided, the processing of your request may be automated and not require staff intervention.
  • Verify that your citation information is accurate.
    • Do not abbreviate the title of the publication.
    • Place the citation information in the correct fields on the form.
    • Check your spelling and your citation!
  • Choose the proper request form when submitting your request.
    • Using the proper form will help us find the correct item.
    • Submit each article or book chapter individually on its own request form.
  • Use the Notes field in the request form to provide additional information that may be of use.
  • When searching for books in the Worldcat Database, do not use the ILL button at the top of the Worldcat screen.
    • Use the icon to request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

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