Q. Looking for Impact Information for articles/books


There are a few ways you can go about measuring the impact of your work.

For article-level metrics, you can look for citation counts. Google Scholar is actually pretty good at this - just look for your article title in Google Scholar and the number of times your article has been cited will be listed in the entry. You can also look for citation counts in Web of Science or Scopus, but I would stick to choosing just one of these databases in order to be consistent with your measurements.

ImpactStory is also a great service to get some non-traditional impact measurements for your work.

Google Scholar is also one of the best ways to get citation counts for books- use the advanced search and languages limit in Settings for reducing the amount of unwanted results.

Finally, the Metrics Toolkit can provide some great information about different sources for impact metrics, depending on type of work or measuring your metrics as an author. 

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