Q. Technical support...details that help us troubleshoot your technical issues...


When submitting a ticket about a technical problem with ASU Library resources, please include as much detail as possible. The following information is especially helpful:

  • Are you at home, at work, or on campus when the difficulty occurs?
  • Are you logged into your ASUrite account?
  • What Operating System are you using? (Windows 8, macOS 10.12, etc.)
  • What Browser and Version Number are you using? (Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 52.2.1esr, etc.)
  • Description of the steps you followed and at which screen the problem or error message appeared
  • What is the URL (http://...) at the point of the error?
  • Exact wording of any error messages
  • Any screenshots that you may think would be helpful
  • A telephone number where you may be reached during business hours

In the meantime, here are a few things to try:

  • Switch to a different browser (one may work better than another for a particular database or application: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • If you are coming in through MyASU, try starting from the library home page https://lib.asu.edu and then make sure you are signed in at the top right corner of the library page.

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