Q. Are there due dates or fees for interlibrary loan items? Can I renew ILL items?


Yes, interlibrary loan items have due dates and overdue fees.  These differ depending on the item type and library who is lending the item to you.

Due dates

For physical items, you can check the due date on the strap attached to the item, or through your ILLiad account.  The average loan period for most physical items is between 4 and 8 weeks.

Electronically delivered items like articles and ebooks do not need to be returned.  Your access will automatically expire after 60 days.

Overdue fees

Most ILL items are free to request, receive, and return.  

For interlibrary loan items that are not returned by the due date, there is a  there is a $5 per day late fee with a maximum overdue fee of $25, and a default $150.00 replacement fee. The replacement fee may be adjusted depending on the actual cost of the item billed by the library who owns the item.  We have a high overdue fee as many libraries will block us from requesting any materials when their items are returned late. 

Home Delivery items are shipped FedEx 2 Day, and include a FedEx Ground return label.  You are responsible for overdue, damaged, and lost items.


Renewals are usually not available for interlibrary loan items. To have ILL staff negotiate an extension on a due date with the owning library, please contact us prior to the due date on the item.  

For more information, contact the ASU Library Interlibrary Loan Department (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm):


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