Q. Clear your cache...



Is the library system opening full text for someone else but not for you? 

  • Are you a current ASU student, faculty or staff?
  • Are you signed in to the ASU Library website?

If you answered YES to both questions, then try these methods to clear your cache, cookies, browsing history, etc.  Note: You may need to try both options!

  • For many browsers:
    • Press:  CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE
    • If necessary, click:  Details
      • Select the following: Browsing history, Download history, Cookies…, and Cache…
      • Click:  Clear Now / CLEAR BROWSING DATA / DELETE
  • For Windows operating systems (also try this):
    • From the Windows icon, click on:  Control Panel
    • Select/click:  Internet Options
      • Under the tab:  General
      • Look for the section:  Browsing History
      • Click:  DELETE
        • Select the following: Temporary files, Cookies and Browser history
        • Click:  DELETE

Additional links on how to clear your cache:

If clearing your cache does not correct the problem, please submit a technical problem ticket online at: