Q. I have an ED number from the ERIC database. Is there a quick way to tell if it is available in full text?


ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is an education database that is available through ASU Library's online subscription services, but a public version of ERIC is available at: http://eric.ed.gov

Note:  ERIC indexes educational journal articles as well as educational documents.  ERIC documents are assigned an ED number that is followed by 6 digits.

There is a quick way to search the public version (ERIC website) to determine whether it contains fulltext of the ERIC digest article / ERIC document.

  • Fill in the blank with the 6 digit ED number and use this URL:
    • http://files.eric.ed.gove/fulltext/ED______.pdf

Note: Sometimes authors do not give ERIC permission to post copies of their works, but you can check our ASU Library holdings for a copy of the work. It will not be listed by ED number, but as the actual work such as by title and author.

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