Q. Is there a way to search by an exact year within One Search?


Yes, you can search by exact year!

Go to the ASU Library home page

  • If you are a current ASU student, faculty or staff, Sign In at the top right corner of the library home page; this will give you more retrieval and full text options.

Try our library's One Search:

  • Enter keywords, title or author and click: Search
  • On the results page, use the filters (on the right side of the page) to limit to a particular date range under: Publication Date

Try our Advanced Search:

  • Just below and to the right of the One Search bar, click: Advanced Search
    • Use the Publication Date drop down on the bottom right side of the form to select:
      • Any year
      • specific date
      • Last year
      • Last 2 years
      • Last 5 years
      • Last 10 years
      • Last 20 years

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