Q. Do I need to be an ASU student to use the library?


If I am not a current ASU student, faculty or staff, can I use your library?

  • ASU Library is open to users in need of our research materials.
  • Visitor information (for anyone who is not currently an ASU student, faculty or staff) can be accessed from our Visitors information page at https://lib.asu.edu/services/visitors

Visitor hours:

Library Code of Conduct:

  • All users must follow the library code of conduct and respect the facility-use policy:
  • Restrictions at the Downtown Phoenix campus Library:
    • Materials from this library can be delivered to another ASU library for non-ASU patrons to use.
    • Access to library computers at the Downtown Phoenix campus library is restricted to current ASU students, faculty and staff. 
    • Community Card holders may visit the Downtown Phoenix campus library while using our library books and journals.
    • Visiting researchers who need access to the Downtown library must call the Downtown Phoenix library information desk to request access at (602)496-0300.

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