Q. How do I gain remote access to ASU Library online resources?


Remote access to ASU Library online resources is verified by the University’s Human Resource and Student Records and generally granted to:

  • ASU employees
    • Employees who are paid by ASU Human Resources(Third-party contractors, consultants, and volunteer positions do not qualify for remote access.)
      • Faculty
      • Classified Staff / University Staff
      • Academic Professionals / Service Professionals
  • ASU Undergraduate and ASU Graduate students
    • These students must be currently enrolled in at least one credit-earning course for a degree-seeking or for-credit ASU program. (Students who are members of an academic program, but not enrolled in any courses do not have remote access.)
      • Undergraduate Students
      • Graduate Students / Post Graduate Students
      • Visiting Scholars
  • Courtesy affiliates of ASU
    • Designation by the provost so that non-faculty / students may access ASU services. (Membership in these groups does not guarantee courtesy affiliate status.)
      • Arizona Board of Regents
      • Barrett Summer Scholar Program
      • GCC ASU Partnership
      • Adjunct Faculty
      • Retired Faculty / Retired Staff

You will need to sign in with your ASURITE ID and password when prompted.     

  • Sign in with your ASURITE ID and password when prompted.
    • From the ASU Library home page at: https://lib.asu.edu 
      • The SIGN IN link is located at the top right corner of the page 
    • From your MyASU account at: http://my.asu.edu
      •  After you sign in to your MyASU account,
      • Click on the Library icon (a stack of books) on the left side of your MyASU home page. 

The library's remote access policy is available at: https://lib.asu.edu/policies/remote-access