Q. Can I get textbooks for my ASU classes from the library?


Generally, the ASU Library does not purchase textbooks used in ASU classes; however, some instructors place copies of textbooks on course reserve where the items may be checked out for limited periods of time as designated by the instructor.

To see if the ASU Library has a copy of your textbook:

  • Check our Course Reserves:  https://lib.asu.edu/access/reserves 
    • Search by entering any of the following:
      • Course number, such as:  MAT271
      • Instructor's last name
  • Also check the ASU Library One Search:  https://lib.asu.edu/
    • Narrow to ASU Library Catalog: 
      • Click the One Search and use the dropdown to click on ASU Library Catalog
    • Then search using any of these methods:
      • ISBN number
      • Title of the item
        • Note: Place quotation marks around the title. This forces it to be searched as a phrase.
      • Author of the item
        • Then look through the list of items by that author.

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